About us

We are Philip and Ionela, co-founders of Brand Intact, a Premium Domain Names portfolio and marketplace developed out of our interest and passion for real estate and marketing, with Philip being a life time entrepreneur with vast experience in international real estate and Ionela having more than 15 years experience in middle and top management roles of marketing and business development within multinational companies in various markets.

Brand Intact, is a boutique portfolio which includes one and two dictionary word, brandable, keywords, three letters and exact match premium domain names, all cleverly thought up and specifically chosen for successful new businesses, existing businesses wanting to rebrand, marketing campaign projects and mobile applications.

A domain name is digital real estate, and is actually the only digital real estate an individual can own, as we do not own social media accounts - they belong to third parties like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. and it is not healthy for future businesses to be built solely on social media platforms.

A smart domain name speaks for itself and makes your marketing very cost effective!